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So – some of my friends gave me “hard looks” one day – after I shared THIS little tidbit – but here it is:

I “did the math” to determine that one would need the blood of approx. 400 men to make a sword “forged from the blood of my enemies” (that would be a LOT of enemies, IMHO) .

If one were to drain the blood of 400 men and extract the iron from that blood (assuming none are anemic) – one would have between 1.2 – 1.6 kilograms of iron – which is enough to make a sword of decent length.

That’s based on a 3 – 4 gram (of iron from blood) per person assumption as well.

Then – one of my friends pointed out – that since I would then have 400 bodies just laying around – I could cremate those and use the carbon from the cremated remains to make a decent mid-high carbon steel sword. At which point, I would then have a blade “forged with their blood and strengthened by their bones”.


Author: Sidney Wing

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