Hello Interwebz!

Welcome! In case the name of the site doesn’t tell you everything you need to know – here it is! We’re just a bunch of old guys – churning out advice (results may vary) and words of wisdom (or something like that) for the Internet to consume or be offended by. Because, let’s face it, more than half the Internet find “old guy wisdom” offensive. That’s okay, though. Why? Because we really don’t care if our “wisdom” offends you. It won’t be intended that way – but we won’t be apologizing because you chose to be offended by something that no one is twisting your arm to read on the Internet. I will expound on THAT thought in another post!

Oh, and for the grammar/spelling Nazis in the crowd, there WILL be posts that WON’T be “grammatically correct” AND that may include inkeerect spellings! Most often, those will be done on PURPOSE – for effect!

With all that “administrivia” out of the way – if you are still reading – let me say again, “Welcome!”


Author: Sidney Wing

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4 thoughts on “Hello Interwebz!

  1. Well, hellfire! I found a home, not that I was homeless to begin with. I will say that if you found this blog on purpose or by misteak and you get offended easily just leaf. If you comment that you’re offended, you will probably get more offended.

  2. Welcome “home”, Grumpy! Somehow – as soon as I read the comment – I knew it was you. No knead to look at the author! 🙂

  3. Well Lookee here! A place for us old geezers to dish out our sage advice to those who want to hear it.
    This could be dad-blasted interesting! Count me in!

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