Handy Kitchen Tips

Handy Kitchen Tip # 1: When wiping off the stove after cooking do NOT use a bone dry paper towel. The flash point of a paper towel isn’t very high.

Handy Kitchen Tip # 2: When you reach into the fridge to drink the last little bit of apple juice straight from the carton, make sure you grab the apple juice. Chicken broth doesn’t quite have the same refreshing flavor.

Handy Kitchen Tip # 3: If you have a cheap pot with a screw-on handle, one that tends to loosen over time, the solution is not to periodically tighten the handle. The solution is to replace the pot before the “pasta in sauce” that you just cooked dumps onto your lap, resulting in second degree burns.

Handy Kitchen Tip # 4: When making “french toast” – you should NOT toast the bread FIRST – prior to dunking it in the egg/milk batter…

Handy Kitchen Tip # 13: When putting water on a fire, make sure it is not mixed with vegetable oil.

Handy Kitchen Tip # 25: When you’re done deep-frying something, DO NOT put water in the hot oil to cool it down. It will explode all over you and your kitchen.

Handy Kitchen Tip # 26: When reading a recipe that calls for 1/2 tsp of salt and 1/2 a cup of sugar, make sure you’ve read it correctly. Also note: No amount of icing will take away the taste of 1/2 a cup of salt.

Handy Kitchen Tip # 27: Filter first, then coffee.

Handy Kitchen Tip # 28: Before attempting to deep fry a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner – it is advisable to test the large pot with water first – one pinhole in a pot full of oil over a bare flame can bring the fire department to your door very quickly.

Handy Kitchen Tip # 800: Just because it’s a table knife, that doesn’t mean it won’t cut your tongue when you lick the peanut butter off it.

Handy Kitchen Tip # 801: For those who own food processor/meat slicers. I don’t care HOW much of a hurry you are in – after you finish slicing the meat, do NOT try to stop the slicing blade with your finger. It WILL lop off a piece of your finger and NO ONE will want the meat on their sammich…

Handy Kitchen Tip # 875: If the instant cake mix says, “Mix by hand”, it’s actually OK to use a spoon to mix it.

Handy Kitchen Tip # 876: Never close your eyes to avoid crying while chopping onions.


Author: Sidney Wing

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