Keyboard Warriors

The Internet has created a generation of “keyboard warriors”. Those who feel that the anonymity provided by the ‘net – makes saying ANYTHING they want to ANYONE they want “ok”.

They can treat people like dirt because “It’s just the Internet. I’m not REALLY hurting anyone.”

Here’s a new definition for those buttheads – “keyboard warrior = COWARD”.

If you would not say it to the person – with them standing in front of you in a room full of people that are all listening to what you say – then you shouldn’t say it to them in a post/comment/tweet/etc.
Butthead cowards come in all shapes and sizes – social media has just given them a better “vehicle” for their cowardice and stupidity.

{And anyone that says I am guilty of being a “keyboard warrior” for making this post – please, feel free to name the time and public place you would like me to meet you in person to call you a “Butthead Coward” to your face! I will be there with bells on…}


Author: Sidney Wing

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